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Our dedication is demonstrated by our extensive career services programme, which goes above and beyond coaching and includes mock interviews, resume building, and portfolio development. This all-encompassing strategy aims to equip you with useful connections and industry-ready skills in addition to proficiency. We aim to provide you with comprehensive preparation for a prosperous and satisfying career in the constantly changing field of digital marketing, backed by our 100% placement guarantee.


CADD Centre 

, our primary focus is on practical knowledge, hands-on experience, and real-time projects. Our modules are structured to provide a training that is 80% practical and 20% theoretical. This isn’t merely a course; it’s an immersive journey that transforms you into a digital marketer right from day one. From tackling real-world problems to setting up and optimizing live campaigns, creating visually appealing and functional websites, crafting engaging content, and much more.

Whether you’re a student, business owner, or seeking a career change, our courses cater to diverse backgrounds. We tailor our curriculum to meet the unique needs of each learner, ensuring that everyone, regardless of prior experience, can leverage digital marketing for personal and professional growth.

Learn from Mr. Irfan, a seasoned marketing specialist with over five years of hands-on experience. His active role in managing over a hundred websites and orchestrating successful Google and Facebook ad campaigns, generating 20 crore plus in revenue, adds a practical edge to your learning, ensuring you grasp industry-relevant insights and acquire expert guidance. 



Discover effective methods to create blogs that are easily found and ranked higher on search engines, regardless of the topic given to you.


Master the skill of analyzing data and drawing valuable conclusions from the analytics provided to you across different dashboards.

Content Marketing

Create engaging and persuasive content tailored to match the business objectives and the company's tone, ensuring effective communication with customers across various channels.


Become proficient in the highly sought-after skill of digital marketing by mastering both on-page and off-page SEO techniques using ethical and effective strategies.

Email marketing

Craft compelling and creative emails designed to boost growth in the buyer's journey. Utilize the best email marketing platforms to effectively drive business and engage customers through emails.


Acquire the skills to run ads on Google and various social media platforms, rapidly scaling your business. Write creative ad copies and manage your budget efficiently to achieve your goals in a short span of time.

Social Media

Engage potential customers on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more, using creative and compelling content strategies.


Capture the attention of potential customers through engaging content across various platforms, employing effective affiliate marketing strategies.


Our comprehensive digital marketing coaching classes cover the art of building visually appealing, user-friendly websites. With seamless integrations based on clients needs.

Designed For


Students, dive into the world of digital marketing with us! We've got a course packed with all the latest tricks and tools to boost your online game.

Working Professionals

Working professionals, we know you're busy - that's why our course is designed to fit your schedule, giving you the skills you need to thrive in the digital realm.

Business Owners

Business owners, ready to level up? Join us and learn how to dominate the online market, making your brand shine in the digital spotlight!


Synergy school of business skill Certificate

Digital hub Plus Marketing Certificate

Google Analytics


Google Ads


Mr. Irfan is a seasoned marketing specialist with a wealth of experience in the digital marketing realm, boasting over 5 years of expertise. Currently, he is actively engaged in shaping the future of the industry by training more than 100 students at CADD Centre. His impact extends far and wide, as he has successfully mentored over 200 Plus students in the art of digital marketing.

Recognizing his exceptional skills and knowledge, the renowned Kirti Institute has welcomed Irfan as their esteemed guest lecturer. His role is pivotal, guiding and inspiring students in the field of marketing, imparting valuable insights that are in high demand in today’s competitive landscape.

Digital Marketing



For me as a student, taking this digital marketing course was a game-changer. In addition to being theoretical, the modules offered practical experience, which equipped me with skills that are highly applicable in today's digital environment. The way the course material was organised effectively combined academic understanding with practical application, making it an invaluable learning opportunity."
Kajal Mulani
"As a small business owner, this course gave me the practical skills I needed to improve my online presence. Nearly every module was designed with my company's needs in mind. My business has grown significantly as a result of the insights I've gained, particularly in areas like social media integration and SEO. Strongly advised for business owners looking for observable outcomes."
Bhavesh patil
Business Owner

Frequently Asked Questions

Common Queries, Comprehensive Answers.

Absolutely! The course is beginner-friendly. It starts with the fundamentals and gradually progresses to advanced topics

The course duration is 6 months, but it is designed to be flexible to accommodate different schedules. You can study at your own pace, accessing the course materials and lectures at any time that suits you.

You will gain expertise in areas like SEO, social media marketing, content creation, data analytics, and more, ensuring you are well-equipped for diverse roles in the digital marketing landscape.

In India, digital marketing offers a thriving career due to the rapid growth of online platforms. With a vast population becoming digitally active, businesses seek skilled professionals to navigate the digital landscape. The field provides ample opportunities for creativity, continuous learning, and a chance to impact diverse industries, making it a dynamic and rewarding profession in the Indian market.

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