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Come join us for a hands-on, hour-long session where we show you real results and walk you through the exact steps to achieve them using Google and META ads.

18th Apr 2021
09:00-10:00 AM
Irfan Shaikh

Why you should join this webinar?

You will learn real Case Studies and 7 Simple Steps to Become an Expert in Google and Meta Ads.



Gain access to invaluable digital marketing insights at a nominal cost of only 15 INR. This course is worth every penny, offering exceptional value for your investment.


Tailored for All Audiences

Our course is tailored to your specific needs, whether you’re a professional looking for a career change, a business owner, or a student.


Mentorship by Industry Experienced

Learn from Mr. Irfan, a seasoned marketing expert with 5+ years of practical experience developing 100+ websites & planning profitable advertising campaigns generating over 20 crores.

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What will you learn in this webinar?

Meta Ads

Google Ads


18th Apr

09am EST

Workshop Schedule

Basics to Advance level.

Who is this workshop for?

Business Owners.


Working Professionals

@Irfan Ali

Your Mentor! Your Trainer! Your Guide!

Meet Mr. Irfan, our expert teacher at Digital Hub Plus. He’s been doing digital marketing for over five years and is great at explaining things without confusing jargon. He’s helping more than 100 people learn at the CADD Centre and making a big impact on the future of the industry. Mr. Irfan isn’t just a teacher; he’s also worked with more than 200 students Recognizing his extraordinary abilities, the esteemed Kirti Institute and R.J College have welcomed him as a guest lecturer, Which means he knows his stuff and is respected in the marketing world.

What’s cool about Mr. Irfan is that he doesn’t just talk about marketing theory; he’s out there doing it. He manages lots of websites and has run ads on Google and Facebook, making over 20 crores in revenue for his clients. So, when he teaches, it’s not just from a book – it’s from real, practical experience. If you join our course at Digital Hub Plus, you won’t just learn theories. Mr. Irfan will share stories and experiences from the real marketing world. So, come and learn from the best to succeed in digital marketing!


“Mr. Irfan has an amazing method of instruction! His down-to-earth methods and authentic examples made learning digital marketing a snap. He is without a doubt the greatest mentor I have ever had.”

-Priya S.

I had no idea what digital marketing was all about until I watched Mr. Irfan’s webinar. His advice gave me more confidence in addition to making difficult concepts easier for me to understand. I appreciate you being such a wonderful trainer.” 

-Rahul K.

“Having spent years working in the marketing field, I can vouch for the fact that Mr. Irfan is the greatest in the field. He is an excellent mentor for anyone hoping to succeed in digital marketing because of his in-depth knowledge and practical experience.”

- Neha M.

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Become an expert in Google and META ads at a nominal cost of only 15 INR.

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